Sunday, July 24, 2011

Payne Mansion (2 of 2)

Here are a few additional miscellaneous images. The first shows the house shortly after construction in 1905. Note the balustrade facing the river on the second floor.

Here's the house today from a similar angle. I don't know why Mr. Rich opted not to restore that balustrade as part of his otherwise remarkable restoration.

This is the south end of the great hall that stretches across the river facade of the house on the main floor. It has a bullion glow to it today - wholly appropriate to what it is and who used to live here - that 25 years ago was largely obscured by grime and age.

Another main floor room in beautifully restored condition. I would dearly love to have seen the furniture in Colonel Payne's day. I doubt he had the same Scarsdale Republican taste as whoever chose the stuff that's in there now.

The view of the Hudson from the front porch. Very fine indeed.

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