Sunday, June 27, 2010

Old bathrooms

Being what I like to think of as a "high end" Manhattan real estate broker - at least, I like to think that way - I see a lot of fancy bathrooms. The look thse days is Waterworks sinks with either lots of chrome piping, or free standing bowls sitting on cube-like bases made of anything from epoxy to granite. There's one toilet out there that actually wipes your butt for you. (For me, this is definitely over the edge). The jazziest showers have huge shower heads and lots of big chrome plated valves. None of which can really compare with my old shower from Tuxedo Park. I bought it from the Tuxedo Park School, a mansion called Blairsden, built for a vanished millionaire named John Innis Blair, and had it installed in a beautiful house I rented for a few years, called Crow's Nest, designed in 1899 by Warren and Wetmore for a banker named Henry Munroe. There never was a more luxurious shower than this. I brought it with me to Millbrook when we moved here in 1982. It sat in a closet for years, until I finally sold it on eBay. I wonder if it was ever reassembled.

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