Sunday, June 26, 2011

My Kitchen (1 of 2)

I'm lucky the main kitchen at Daheim is not buried in the basement - as is the case in many big old houses - but is situated in a convenient location on the same floor as the dining room. Well, I use the term "convenient" advisedly. Nothing in this house is "convenient," but that really doesn't matter. The kitchen is huge, has 11-foot ceilings, floor to ceiling tile walls, marble window sills, daylong sunlight from six tall windows, terra cotta floors, and cabinets with mahogany counters and white marble legs, so who needs convenience?

Here's another view from the same vantage point as above. That steel prep table has been in this room for almost a hundred years.

These tubs were originally used for washing up pots and pans. To my eye, they are antique industrial sculptures of great beauty. Antonia rinses out her mops in them today. Actually, the one on the left only has cold water (long story).

A closeup of the valves. I think they are beautiful.

A detail of the kitchen wall, showing how one of the marble window sills is fitted into the tile wall.


  1. Now that's a kitchen!! I absolutely love it. Would love to see more! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Maybe it's the tiled walls but there is something about your kitchen that reminds me of Cher's parent's kitchen in "Moonstruck".