Friday, June 11, 2010

Polarized light sockets

May whoever came up with polarize light plugs be consigned to an eternity of trying to plug them into old fashioned extension cords. Since my old house was equipped with only 4 light sockets for 38 rooms - only kidding, sort of - we have a lot of extension cords. The breaker for that haunted 3rd floor guest room is located in a panel in the basement, and all of a sudden it's begun popping off at random intervals. The problem started when my friend Luisa began staying there for summer weekends. In lieu of dragging chains up the stairs, our ghost has decided to pop the damn breaker. Equally effective, I'd say, if the purpose is to annoy.

Mr. Dieterich was a gaslight man, but in a prescient moment he had the house wired and piped at the same time. Here's a photo of it in 1889, before subsequent additions doubled its size. The other photo shows how it looked when I came along, not quite a century later, in 1981, after it had been boarded up for 10 years.

My firm is launching a blog of its own, and I'm a member of the "Beta" group. In our "webinar" the other day, I learned that some brokers have all sorts of success blogging. That is, after an average of 55 blogs. That's a lot of blogging - or blabbing, as the case may be - for an audience of "zero." Maybe we do it for ourselves. I have one follower so far, but he is the husband of my honorary sister, Holly, and I suspect his presence is due as much to kindness as it is to actual interest.


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