Wednesday, June 9, 2010

I've spent many nights alone in my house, and have never been afraid. It's like all old houses; it makes noises. As with bats, the best thing to do about late at night noises in old houses is pay no attention. The bats will dematerialize, in the way of bats, and the odd thumps and creaks will go away. too The sound of someone walking up the west staircase (there are 3 stairwells in the house) was reported by numerous guests over the years before I finally heard it myself. The west staircase is uncaarpeted and the sound of footsteps on painted wooden treads is distinctive. One woman many years ago claimed to have been awakened in the middle of the night by a wild-haired woman peering down at her in her bed. I tend not to believe stories like this, even though another guest reported waking up when the foot of her bed was lifted and shaken. These things only happen in one third floor bedroom on the back of the house. A corner of it is articulated by the square tower in the upper left corner of the close-up photo of the building exterior. As long as no one's in that room, we don't hear anything. If someone stays there, whatever it is keeps walking up the stairs, and sometimes scaring people.

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  1. It sounds like you have a pretty strong entity in your home. You may not believe a word I'm saying but I have to tell you. Some spirits, for one reason or another, refuse to enter the Spirit World like they're supposed to. Some like to hold on to life. Others who died quickly or in their sleep don't even know that they are "gone." I feel that your spirit is the latter. She feels alone without anyone she knows around her but she is OK with you being in the house. Where she draws the line in when people invade her private room. I know this sounds a bit strange but I'm not just blowing smoke here. You see, when I was three years old I died in a car accident. By the time my daddy got through with the police and all that goes with a traffic accident it had been well over 30 minutes. He carried me home with my head on his shoulder. I remember being in the dark for a while with someone holding me on their lap with their arms around me but I couldn't see anything. Then I heard people crying. Suddenly I heard my grandpa's big voice yelling, "OH my God NO! She's DEAD! Oh my God NO! Oh my God NO!" over and over. Then I saw orange and yellow streaks and then I was opening my eyes to the then tears of joy that I wasn't dead. Over 30 minutes without breathing and I was back without any sign of brain damage from oxygen deprivation. I am a firm believer in "everything happens for a reason." That's why I refuse to take money for helping someone, like the charletons do. I only help to be helping. I live in California so it would quite a trip for me to come back there. However, if you really want your friends to be able to sleep in your guest room then I can tell you how to do it yourself. Go into her room and speak to her even if you can't see her and very politely tell her that she is no longer a part of this world, and since she isn't using the room any longer it would be nice if she wouldn't get so upset when your friends borrow her room for a night or two. However, don't be just because you may not be able to see her doesn't mean you can't hear her so don't get all rattled if she speaks to you. Prepare yourself mentally before hand for this possibility. If she doesn't know that she is dead she may question you about it. Ask her what year it is and then tell her the actual year. Tell her that her family, mother, father, sisters, brothers, friends are all on the other side wondering where she is. Tell her that when she sees the shaft of light to go into it. It will take her to her family. If she doesn't ask then she knows and is just stubborn. Ask her if she sleeps and when she says no then tell her that it just isn't fair for her to be selfish about a room and a bed that she can't use anymore. She shouldn't be scaring people half to death just for being selfish. Tell her that you apologize but the truth is the truth and in this instance as well, remind her of her family waiting fir her. I wish I could do this for you but since I can't you should at least try. You may be amazed at the outcome. Good luck,
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