Saturday, January 1, 2011

Not really a House (3 of 3)

Image 1 - A view from the porch, approaching the front door

Image 2 - The door is boarded up, but...

Image 3 - There is a way in.

Image 4 - The main hall and grand stair, as they looked in better days.

Image 5 - Thankfully, I could just lean in and take the picture, without risking my life by standing under that ceiling.

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  1. Hi John, Just wanted to say how much I enjoy your blog! Was looking on for houses in the Catskills and found Wildwood. I loved it so much, I did more research on Onteora and that's how I came across your story and lovely pictures of Wildwood (they only have four pictures on Realtor, I'm guessing they think pics of the interior would scare most people)!
    Then I found your pics of the house/school above. While driving through Millbrook and Rhinebeck a few years ago, I stopped and took a bunch of pictures of the place, it's so sad it's in such a state. Thanks again for your efforts, they are much appreciated! MT