Thursday, December 27, 2012

Christmas is my Birthday

So no "Big Old House" this week. However, got a great one on deck for next week - huge, obscure and elaborate - just my kind of place. I hope all have had/are having an excellent holiday, and thank you for reading my blog.


  1. Happy Birthday. I am a new reader to your blog and found myself lost in your photos and text. I live in an historical home in CT built in 1812 and remodeled in the late 20s.

    Enjoy your time off, and I await with baited breath for your next entry.

  2. Happy Birthday! Love all your posts about houses big and smaller!
    Happy 2013 also.

  3. Very interesting postings, and thorough visuals. Thanks for giving your time and energy to these fine houses!

  4. Merry Merry and Happy Birthday to you and your great blog. Always enjoyable, always interesting, always informative.

  5. Happy birthday from me too, Mr. Foreman.

    I enjoy reading your blog since a few weeks, learning something about the history of the American upper class and their livestyle in really beautiful houses (sometimes, not always).

    I hope, you will keep this fine work up for quite a while yet, so I have the possibility to improve my English (I'm German) by reading interesting blogposts and seeing marvellous houses.

    Thank you and a happy new year 2013!

  6. I too have just found your blog in the last few weeks and have thoroughly enjoyed reading it and the photos. I really appreciate the time and effort that must go into these - they're fantastic reading and I've spent a lot of time here, but enjoyed every minute of it!

  7. Happy birthday and many more old houses for your future delight.

  8. I'm a little late this week (on Christmas holiday) Hope you had a Very Happy Birthday & Enjoy a fantastic New Year! I love your blog, thank you SO much for all the time you spend. I love the history and photos you lovingly share.

  9. A little late to wish you Happy Birthday, but I just found your blog tonight and have read all of January.

    Wonderfully detailed descriptions and so nice to read something well researched that isn't a soundbite.

    You have a fan base! Thanks!