Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Best Old House (3 of 4)

Adjacent to our bedroom was a sunporch with walls of windows and woodwork painted a soft grey with mouldings picked out in off white. The lake views had been pretty much obscured by trees, but the room was still a knockout.

Another view of the same room. Note the mirrored doors on the closets, a nice old mansion touch. The house was full of brilliant wicker, of which this chair is a nice example.

The wicker on the lake view piazza downstairs was particularly handsome, and perfectly distressed by age, not abuse.

The bathroom off the master was nothing if not noble. How about that tub? And how much did I love the sponge holder, and the ceramic hot and cold levers, and the nickel-plated soap holder that hung on the edge of the tub? Answer: a lot.

Working as a broker in New York I see a lot of fancy bathrooms. They are well and good, but my personal taste was formed by the elements in this photo, to wit: 1) flat wall tiles with sharp corners that lend vintage bath and kitchen walls a subtle smoothness; 2) door and window moldings articulated in tile; 3) countertops made from 2" thick white marble; 4) fat glass counter legs and towel bars; 5) a built-in mirror; 6) thick glass shelving; 7) mirrored sconces for which Elsie de Wolfe would have killed; and 8) everything white, white, white.

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