Monday, October 11, 2010

A gentleman's bowling alley

It sounds today like a contradiction in terms, but private alleys were commonplace on the estates of rich clients ca. 1900. This being the Columbus Day weekend, my landlords' maintenance man has left our vintage 1896 alley unlocked. I wasted no time running in to get a few candids. When I first came to Millbrook in 1981, this building was in ruins. Vandalized during the Leary years, at the mercy of a leaking roof and an uncaring farm manager (now deceased), it was fast headed for destruction. About 10 years ago, my landlords got religion and restored the place. You'd never know now that the ceiling was caving in, the windows were kicked out, or that trees were growing out of the roof. If the beautifully carved interior hadn't been solid oak, it's very doubtful it would have survived. The images above are of the exterior and the main floor. The post below illustrates the second floor.