Monday, August 30, 2010

The Bowling Alley, revisited (2 of 2)

Here's the view looking to the east, with the long twin alleys clearly articulated by the shape of the building. The next shot shows one of the German exhortations to good fun and clean living that are chiseled all over the exterior walls. These have been translated for me a dozen times over the last 28 years; if only I could remember where I stashed the translations. The 3rd shot shows the exterior access (there is no interior stair) to what was originally a 2nd floor billiard room. My landlords keep the building locked, so I must wait until they next appear on the property to get some interior shots. (It's amazingly fab). The 4th image is a long shot looking north from the west lawn (if you follow that). The trees around Daheim make the Rockefeller Center Xmas tree look sapling-like. The last view is a closeup of the balcony visible in the shot above. This provides access at the end of the alleys, presumably for a pin boy.

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  1. The (German) motto goes:

    "Es ist 'ne alte Regel,
    Ohn' Kugel fällt kein Kegel"


    "It's an old rule:
    Without a bowl no pin will fall"

    Seems, this house might have been a small skittle (bowling-) alley. The skittle game was very popular in Germany and Austria between 1870 and 1920. Many richer persons in Germany had their private skittle houses where they played on weekends with friends. Others went to a normal beer hall where they had normally their skittle (bowling) alleys.