Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Turtle Bay Gardens (2 of 2)

Quite a contrast between the world outside and the Gardens, isn't it? It's hard to convey the sense of tranquility that suffuses this place, embraced as it is by Mrs. Martin's gracious old houses. Oddly, that serenity is rendered more acute by the looming presence of nearby apartment and office towers.

These houses are on the 48th Street side. Like all the Association houses, each is different, yet harmonizes with its neighbors.

Upper class taste was scaled down in the 1920s, yet retained a signature charm. I love old brownstones that were renovated in the Twenties. They manage to be elaborate and domestic at the same time - no easy feat. This wrought iron detail is affixed to the garden wall of one of the 48th houses.

In addition to access to the private Association garden that runs along the spine of the complex, each house has its own small private plot. This one belongs to a house on the 49th Street side, which I just happen to be representing professionally. If you feel like spending $24,500/month to live in this little Eden - a bargain at twice the price, I assure you - you know who to call.

"Eden" is the word, all right. What a beautiful secret is Turtle Bay Gardens, nestled in the bosom of Manhattan, forgotten now by almost everyone. I love my little town of Millbrook in upstate New York, where I have spent almost half my life. But it is very small. New York is not small. All sorts of things can happen to you here, good and bad, but I think what I most feel in this place is a sense being right sized. It's not the purpose of life to best our fellows, but rather to help and love and understand them.

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