Saturday, December 4, 2010

My lawn

It's winter now. The leaves are down and the hills are gray, and it is beautiful in the country. But today I'm dreaming about my summer lawn - velvety, emerald green, lush and damp, and very big. I'm a lawn man. (And no, I don't mow it myself).


  1. speaking of the lawns at the UVA, father used to say that it takes 100 years to make a great lawn~

  2. I love all the old houses you feature but am particularly fascinated with YOUR house. Would love to see more od the rest of the house, warts and all! Even mundane things like closets and nooks & crannies. Would love to see every inch of it. Really enjoy all your house stories.

  3. This is nothing short of amazing thank-you thank-you